Operation Love Reunited on the NBC's " The Today Show"

Here is my awesome and exciting news that I want to share with you all!!

I'm excited to say that some of my photos have been submitted to NBC's "The Today Show" for a story featuring Operation Love Reunited. Operation Love Reunited is a program that I participate in, which offers complimentary photo sessions to deploying/deployed Military service people and to their families. This is an organiz...
ation near and dear to my heart as a Military wife.

Op Love has a thousand photographers world wide and admins asked their photographers to submit a few images that they would be looking through and choosing which photos would be submitted to NBC "The Today Show". Well I am happy to report that my photos were chosen! Now we still won't know which photos will air, but I am just extremely honored that my photos were selected to be submitted for producers of "The Today Show" to chose from.

The story will be airing on Thanksgiving day, set your DVR's !!. I will be setting my DVR to watch this great story and crossing my fingers that I will see my photos.